Robot Blimp Industries makes software to help people collect, process and present all types of information. The company was formed out of necessity. As a small team of designers, developers and consultants we needed a system that let each of us manage the flood of information and tasks pouring into our inboxes and across our desks each day. No software on the market did what we needed in an elegant fashion. Our goal became creating a product that reduced the number of organizational systems that we needed to make it through the day and consolidate sources for tasks (email, paper, computer, phone) into a single system. The result is Helium and we think it will work for you too.

Along the way we began looking at how organizations and researchers collected information in the field. Quickly realizing that there was no effective way to conduct and analyze survey information electronically and no way to manage multimedia content without a persistent internet connection, we worked with non-government agencies and developed EthnoCorder.


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